Animal Testing

Three colour A3 screen print. Limited to 18 editions on 320gsm art card.
Shows a certain mouse using his other halves scarf to get loaded.
Dead Princess Candy screen print.
Limited to just 18 pieces. A3 (420mm by 297mm) two colour on 320gsm art card. Very bright and lots of textural detail in the back ground.

Notting Hell

Notting Hell is an original pen and ink illustration on 320gsm A3 card.
£250. Buy prints at Society6.

Next Stop Shitville.

Original Lusky A3 pen and ink on 320gsm card.
SOLD. Also available as a print from Society6.

Superdead original by Lusky

Pen and ink on 320gsm card. Highly detailed illustration featuring Superdead and some of his memorabilia.
Measures 38cm wide by 31cm tall.
£195 Prints available from Society 6 from $14.56.

Battle Angel ink on card

Battle Angel ink on card original A3 drawing by Lusky.
This piece measures 42cm tall by 29.7cm wide. It is original pen and ink work on 320gsm white card.
£SOLD. Prints available from Society 6 starting from $14.56.
Bushido Lusky Original
The coolest man of action measures 56cm tall by 38cm wide and is 5cm deep. Painted in different media on a hard wooden tablet that weighs 4kg.

Christ Philip! What Next? by Lusky.
Original Lusky signed and stamped wooden tablet. The tablet is painted and varnished with mixed media and has a mat and gloss varnish that shows off the statement 'God Save The Queen'. The piece measures 56cm tall by 38cm wide by 5cm deep and weighs 4kg.
Only by Enquiry

Disfunctional Omniconsuming Peasants by Lusky.
Mixed media painted onto a wooden hand made tablet. Measures 56cm wide by 38cm tall by 5cm deep.

Alpha Mail
Original mixed media on wooden tablet by Lusky. Signed and stamped by the artist.
Measures 56cm tall by 38cm wide by 5cm deep. Weighs 4kg.

Lusky originals for sale at The Tower

Lusky originals for sale and hanging at The Tower Art Gallery in The Ouesburn Valley. Who needs the Biscuit Factory anyway. Full of cows heads and bridges.
Go to The Tower site and see the Lusky's for sale.

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Dead Legend Original

The Dead Legend piece is constructed from wood and has mixed media paint and enamel applied under a heavy gloss varnish finish. See process for more details on how these tablets are constructed and finished. 
The piece measures 56cm tall by 38cm wide by 5cm deep and weighs 4.5kg.

Hell Pen and Ink Lusky Original.

This humorous interpretation of Hell measures 38cm wide by 32cm tall and comes on heavy weight white card. Very detailed and full of hilarious and scary character. See something different every time.
£130 Prints available from Society 6 starting from $14.56.

Jobs - Woz = No Apple Lusky original

Original Lusky wood tablet (see process section). Solid wood tablet constructed by the artist. Symbolising a world without Apple Computer. DOS has ambiguous meaning here. This piece has a first for the process in that there is a small symbol under the number. Gloss varnish finish and highly textural relief blood spattered effect.
Piece measures 56cm tall by 38cm wide by 5cm deep. Mixed media on wood (see process for more info and pictures). Weight 4kg.

Ticket To Kill Lusky Original wood tablet.

Ticket To Kill is a tribute to the master of Science Fiction Ridley Scott. The Ticket is for an imaginary tourist attraction Rutger Haur refers to at the close of the film. "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain". Although the Gate was probably a military installation in actual fact the painting paints it as a psychotic episode happening at a tourist attraction. Bladerunner is the greatest science fiction movie ever made bar none and this is my artistic interpretation of that fact. The Japanese type at the base of the painting reads 'Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy'.
Piece measures 59.5cm wide by 45cm tall by 5cm deep. Mixed media on wood (see process for more info and pictures). Weight 5kg.