About Me

Professional working life.

Paint It Red Magazine. Art Directed 6 issues in the early 1990's.
Paint It Red magazine was the in house promotional publication of the famous Riverside club. I was responsible for all the artwork and design on a monthly basis. I layed out some of the design using old school cut and paste and on later issues early Apple Macs and Linotrons to set and produce print ready artwork. I saved the magazines producers quite a substantial amount of money doing this and still possess some of those issues.

The Journal. Senior graphic designer and artist for 5 years.
The Journal newspaper is a morning daily in the north east of England. It was a multi award winning newspaper and I was lucky to be given room to develop it's style and design. I worked there under several editors for 5 years and had the opportunity to learn some great Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills from the world newsprint and web giant Geoff Goertzen.

Granada Learning. Senior designer, web designer and animator for 7 years.
GL was a software imprint of ITV when I worked there from the late nineties to 2007. I learnt how to build and deploy websites and design and create rich, dynamic web pages. We used CSS and XHTML with PHP and Java deploy world leading educational software and on-line interactive learning activities. My Adobe skill set was developed and expanded to include Dreamweaver and Flash.

Sumo Design.
Freelance web design and development as well as sales and museum web 2.0 at Earls Court.

Komodo Design.
Six months working on various web and print based projects.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
10 months working for the international publishing house CSP. Responsibilities included book cover design, flyer and posters amongst other production requirements.

Large and varied catalogue of royalty free images, illustrations, video, animation and sound.

Personal life, interests and hobbies.

Designed, developed and curated the free font site for 10 years the project culminated in the book Freewave which was published by Booth Clibborn Editions of Typography Now fame.
Max Kisman said of the book I designed and produced in conjunction with Booth Clibborn Editions it was a scrapbook for the cut and paste generation. It was sold internationally and can still be bought on Amazon.

I enjoy painting and creating sculptural art in my spare time. I've exhibited in London, Belfast, Toronto, Cornwall, Lemington Spa and Newcastle upon Tyne.
I'm a Getty approved professional photographer. I have my own photographic equipment and enjoy it as a pass time as well as an extra supplementary income. I use the full Adobe suite of applications and know Camera Raw to an advanced level.
Audio production.
I have my own copy of Reason by Propellerhead Software. I'm an advanced user and have produced music and sound effects for the royalty free Getty site iStock.
Screen Printing. 
I recently took a screen printing course and have successfully produced several minimum high quality print runs.

Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies. I love learning new things and with cooking this is pretty much inexhaustible.

B-TEC National Diploma in Graphic Design.
HND in Graphic Design and Communication.